IT Infrastructure Management

Systems Plus strongly believes that the success of a IT is a function of its infrastructure strength. Right from server, DBAs and networks to backup and resolution management, we execute a flawless and smooth management of the entire IT operations of your organization in an economical manner.

Our IT Infrastructure Services are aimed to help our customers build, manage, and optimize their IT infrastructure thus enabling them to keep their business-critical applications and IT infrastructure running 24x7. We help our customer lower the cost of managing their IT infrastructure through high service levels and operational competence

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure services

We drive a robust and scalable IT infrastructure set up to enable you to run your business operations smoothly and continue delighting your clients with your IT strength.

Remote monitoring and support

We provide a wide array of remote based services ranging from server and DBA health diagnostics, vulnerability management and remote monitoring to AS-400 support and real time remote IT resolution.

Security Audit

We perform host, network and application security checks on internal assets to monitor and successfully manage all levels of vulnerabilities and threats.

Advanced Infrastructure consulting

We assess the entire IT infrastructure system, including its components and auxiliaries to check for highly optimized performance that increases productivity and brings down costs.