CRM solutions support sales and marketing to ensure that both work seamlessly together toward a unified goal: taking your business success to the next level. With CRM solutions from Aqua CRM, you can streamline and automate business processes to give all employees a 360-degree view of your customers plus insight into critical sales and customer metrics.

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Governance Risk & Compliance

From customer service executives handling complaints to management heads ensuring best practice compliance, nothing establishes efficiency faster than following a proven process. Built using industry expertise gleaned over 25 years of working with a variety of businesses, we have the acumen and knowledge capital to help devise standardized and repeatable IT processes for your organization...

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EZGEMS – Jewelry and Diamond ERP

If you are in the jewelry business, you need a comprehensive ERP solution that would allow you to effectively manage all important aspects of your business. We can help you achieve this with Ezjems, a diamond and jewelry management system created exclusively for the jewelry industry. Ezjems provides you with a comprehensive management framework which you can use to ...

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