Managed Testing

Whether you are a start-up or a seasoned business, software testing is always a field fraught with challenges and high costs, not to mention the slender margin for error. Lack of standardized processes,isolated testing procedures, and absence of ownership and accountability are only a handful of the problems companies face during their uphill battle against cost of quality.

At Systems Plus, we offer you the chance to optimize and streamline your testing process with our consultancy-based managed testing services. Our focus on the larger picture helps you address and smooth out key issues and challenges in the field of testing.

Manual and Automated Testing

Helps you achieve full functional coverage and cut production downtime.

Performance Testing

Helps you test your software for stress response, optimized response times and stop possible outages

Security Testing

Allows you to prevent loss of sensitive customer information and round-the-clock availability for security.

Accessibility Testing

Provides you with a way to ensure optimum usage ergonomics helps you adhere to industry standards in accessibility

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