Managed Captive

As traditional off-shoring services evolve to meet future industry needs a sophistication in services being offered is the order of the day. The future of off shoring is all about customization & innovation that can specifically address niche business requirements.

Let skills and geographic distance not influence your talent sourcing strategy. With the managed captive solution offered by us, you get the competitive edge in delivering meaningful value to your customers. The managed captive provides the same strengths and business tactics that make captives a sought after business model globally but without the hassles that go into its set-up and management.

Systems Plus through its managed captive service has the ability to help you build and help you operate your captive center the way you want to. All this without you needing to establish complicated legal structures, invest in any infrastructure or implement new processes. With us your captive can be up and running in as little as a few months

Managed Testing

Facilities and Infrastructure Setup

We utilize our existing set up to get you off the ground fast. Furthermore, all sizing, planning, procurement and IT infrastructure setup is based on client requirements. This gives you complete control of the costs

Human Resources

We assist in recruiting and managing the right talent for the captive. We also help you formulate policies based on best practices and ensure that all the basic HR needs of the individuals in your captive are met through our support team

Program Management and Governance

We provide supervision, reporting and integration across the multiple captives that we manage. Our seasoned leadership team helps to govern captive processes and recommend delivery model improvements.

Financial Transparency

The entire managed captive model is set up based on a completely transparent costing model. You are always fully in control of what you spend in this model.