IIB Developer

Total Experience: 5+ Years

Mandatory Skills : WMB 8, IIB 9, IIB 10, IBM Data Power IBM MQ ESQL, XSLT, XML, XSD, WSDL

Job Description:

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Developing services in IBM Integration Bus using ESQL.
  • Developing MPGW, WSP, XML Firewall on WebSphere Datapower
  • Creating/Configuring message queues in WebSphere MQ
  • Worked on APIC
  • Preparing documentation of the services (LLD, IDD, Deployment Document etc). • Unit Testing with SIT and UAT Support
  • Production Deployment.
  • Handled project E2E as Developer – both technically and functionally.
  • Hands on experience in Jenkins for auto deployment.


  • Development Experience on WMB 8, IIB 9, IIB 10, IBM Data Power.
  • Experience with IBM MQ.
  • Hands on experience on ESQL, XSLT, XML, XSD, WSDL.
  • Developed flows on IBM integration Bus.
  • Worked on IBM Integration Bus to call Web Services, ODBC call, JMS and MQ based services.
  • Worked on IBM Integration Bus to create MQ, JMS, SOAP and HTTP/HTTPS based services.
  • Developed flows with MQ, SOAP, HTTP, JMS, Aggregate, Compute, Mapping, Java Compute, Routing(Label, RouteToLabel, Route), Filter, FlowOrder Nodes.
  • Error Handling knowledge in IIB and Datapower.
  • Strong debugging knowledge on IIB, Datapower and WMQ.
  • Hands on experience of mqsi commands in IIB and MQ Commands.
  • Hands on experience on WSP, MPGW, XML Firewall.
  • Developed SOAP,MQ and REST services using (MPGW and WSP).
  • SSL Implementation on Datapower and IIB.
  • AAA Implementation on Datapower.
  • Knowledge of OAuth in Datapower.
  • Implemented Service level monitoring.
  • Implemented Logging through Log Target.
  • Hands on experience on API Connect.
  • Implemented DevOps for IIB, MQ Deployments using Jenkins and Git Hub.
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