Factors such as speed, scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and integration with business processes need to be considered while undergoing digitization. This is where the perennial choice between Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) offerings and Custom Software Development (CSD) can be overwhelming.

There are a number of considerations, especially if you aren’t a digitally native organization. This includes hyper-personalization, data insights, security, and overall agility both from a CX and UX point of view. For start-ups, CSD may be an ideal solution. However, for an organization with an IT ecosystem comprising various types of technology in combination with a legacy systems-based architecture, the decision between CSD and COTS may be a tough one.

Made to Order facilitates your organization's customization journey towards excellence by

Allowing micro

Enhanced market

Enabling cost

Ensuring a competitive

Improved customer

Some of the top use cases of Made to Order include:

A business aims to provide a consistent and personalized customer experience across various touchpoints. Our "Made to Order" service develops an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution that consolidates customer data, enabling seamless interactions and tailored communication.

An organization wants to harness its data for better insights and decision-making. Our service builds a custom analytics platform that aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes data from different sources, empowering stakeholders with actionable insights.

A company seeks to enhance security while simplifying access for employees. Our solution creates a custom identity and access management (IAM) system that ensures robust authentication, role-based access, and centralized control over permissions.

A business needs to optimize its supply chain for cost-effective operations. Our service designs a tailored supply chain management solution that integrates inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and supplier communication, streamlining the entire process.

A company struggles with manual financial reporting processes. Our service develops a bespoke financial reporting system that automates data collection, analysis, and generates accurate reports, reducing errors and saving time.

A business desires a unique online store tailored to its products and branding. Our solution creates a custom e-commerce platform with personalized product displays, secure payment gateways, and seamless order management.

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What We Do

We help businesses navigate the challenges of digital transformation through our made-to-order solutions. Our customized approach not only enables organizations to adapt to changing market demands but also ensures personalized experiences for their customers. Here’s how:

COTS Customization
  • Tailor off-the-shelf solutions for specific needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate customizations with systems.
  • Combine cost efficiency with tailored features.
  • Enhance user experience through personalized interfaces.
  • Scale, upgrade, and maintain customizations.
  • Provide training, support, and quality assurance.
Business Dependencies
  • Understand and analyze the business and market environment.
  • Provide customized solutions for integration of business operations and IT.
  • Integrate systems and platforms for a cohesive digital setup.
  • Offer flexible approaches based on client needs.
  • Develop customized off-the-shelf solutions, custom software, and mobile apps if needed.
API Management and Bespoke Development
  • Agile integration for personalized digital experiences.
  • Expertise in open source, Java, .NET, mobility, and API management.
  • Bespoke apps for integration, cost, and security.
  • Cloud adoption and DevOps for readiness.
  • Comprehensive tech solutions for diverse needs.
QA Services
  • Establishing a robust quality assurance framework.
  • Developing comprehensive testing strategies.
  • Performing functional testing, performance testing, and security testing.
  • Conducting compatibility testing, usability testing, and load testing.
  • Robust bug tracking and reporting.
  • Establishing a feedback loop between QA teams, developers, and end-users.
Business Analysis and Project Management
  • End-to-end project planning.
  • Conducting risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Stakeholder and business process analysis.
  • Change management and quality maintenance.
  • Efficient resource allocation.
  • Progress tracking and reporting.
  • Ensuring client engagement and involvement.

  Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a high level of customization, with over 90% of our customers reporting that they were able to tailor our services to their specific needs and requirements.
  • 98% of our made-to-order services are delivered within the agreed-upon timelines, ensuring timely completion and customer satisfaction.
  • Approximately 80% of our customers are repeat customers who choose us for their subsequent made-to-order needs, indicating a high level of trust and satisfaction in our services.
  • Team of highly skilled experts in comprehending client demands and providing solutions.
Problem Statement

A U.S.-based footwear retail chain was in the process of investing in a new system that would allow them to phase out their existing legacy system. However, doing this would take a few years. With money already invested in the system upgrade, they did not want to invest in an interim system.


We met this need with a skilled team, smoothly transitioning core processes to a new system. Our mobility experts integrated the app seamlessly, enhancing retail experiences, boosting satisfaction, and driving sales growth.


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