About S+

Company Life

We began our journey in 1987 as a niche business solutions provider specializing in Technology Consulting services and ADM (Applications Development and Maintenance) services and over a period of time, started offering focused solution services to extend our customers’ portfolio to realise their total cost of ownership (TCO). Today we have expanded our portfolio to include Managed Captive services, IT Infrastructure Management services, Mobility services and Managed Testing & Automation services.

How we do business

Our solutions are based on a simple truth. Companies are like people. They have characters, identities and are individual in their own right. Therefore, our solutions couldn’t ever be formulaic. We treat every organization independently. The effort is to simply identify the best way forward, then come up with a unique solution for each unique problem, in terms of both strategy and scale, that are leveraged based on our existing processes, frameworks and methodologies, thus improving productivity and reducing the TCO.

What's it like to work with us

We believe size is important, keeping a small company attitude and structure as we have grown means that we find it easy to keep tabs on the right details of any our engagements with you. We are large enough to provide a depth of skill sets, but you will never feel like you are overwhelmed with layers of management or bureaucracy. With the emergence of global enterprises, time-to-market and 24/7 availability, it is essential that our solutions work in harmony with your strategy. Our solutions are built based on your current functioning and vision forward. When put in place they ensure your company continues to function smoothly.

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