From customer service executives handling complaints to management heads ensuring best practice compliance, nothing establishes efficiency faster than following a proven process. Built using industry expertise gleaned over 25 years of working with a variety of businesses, we have the acumen and knowledge capital to help devise standardized and repeatable IT processes for your organization. We achieve process efficiency through a four step, contiguous approach:

  • Adapt and implement standardized processes
  • Govern and monitor the IT environment
  • Sustain effectiveness of process
  • Align IT processes with business requirements
IT Consulting Services
Every business is an integration of various aspects, each of which must run smoothly and independently yet in cohesive synergy with the rest. Thus, vendors must coordinate with purchase departments, which must manage supplies in tune to demand from stores, which, in turn must maintain inventory that provides real-time data of parts as they are used by manufacturing. Manage IT translates your systems and operations into processes that offer ease of implementation, compliance with global and local norms and monitors the security of your IT environment

Process Modules

Manage IT’s processes define the IT architecture needed to support your organizational needs, enhancing every aspect of internal management: service, operations, and project management.

Compliance Services

Manage IT’s Compliance Services test not only the modules and their constituent processes, but also the attributes of every process. Test results are assimilated in a dashboard that provides information and analyses as, and how, they are needed.

Compliance Portal

Manage IT’s Compliance Portal provides an elegant and easy to use dashboard for across-the-board management of an organization, by enhancing its IT governance, monitoring risk and ensuring compliance.