Managed Captive

As traditional off-shoring services evolve to meet future industry needs and undergo diversification of services, the future of off shoring is all about customization & innovation that can specifically address niche business requirements...

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DevOps integration targets feature development, automation testing, quality testing, product delivery and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles....

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IT Consulting and Strategy

Our ITCS capabilities help you to overcome IT challenges in a strategic and planned way. Our experienced team works with you in chalking out IT implementation strategies.

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Businesses cannot afford to pass up the opportunity to leverage the growing mobility market. The mobile platform has proven to be hugely beneficial segment for businesses.

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Application Development

In order to gain a substantial competitive edge in today’s times, your business needs to be efficient, future ready, scalable and ready for market demand signals.

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IT Infrastructure Management

We believe that success of IT is a function of its infrastructure strength. Right from server, DBAs and networks to backup and resolution management, we execute a flawless setup and smooth management of IT operations...

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