Why DevOps

DevOps integration targets feature development, automation testing, quality testing, product delivery and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles. The goals of DevOps span the entire delivery pipeline. They include:

  • Improved deployment frequency
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower failure rate of new releases
  • Shortened lead time between fixes
  • Faster mean time to recovery
  • Minimal or zero downtime

DevOps aims to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability of operational processes. Very often, automation supports this objective.

What we do

DevOps Consulting

Audit your existing infrastructure, development environment, and integration. Recommend improvement points and the tools, process, and data to be integrated into the DevOps strategy and execution.

Continuous Delivery

Automate your testing and build process to delivery mitigate the risk at early stage of delivery life cycle.

Cloud Adoption

Move your app & data to the cloud and enjoy speed, agility, scalability and maintainability. Launch new environments as needed.

Continuous Integration

Perform end-to-end integration across your Delivery value chain using DevOps Tool chain.


Build highly decoupled and modular applications by architecting language agnostic APIs

Integrated Testing

Build & implement Automation Test Strategy for continuous quality releases.

Configuration Management

Standard resource configurations and enforce their state across IT infrastructure in an automated yet agile manner.

Monitoring Services

Protect revenue, brand, and security by identifying issues before customers are impacted.