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Accelerate Business Growth with a Cloud Data Warehouse

Accelerate Business Growth with Cloud Data Warehouse

As per the latest IDG survey, a large number of companies are planning to increase their investments in the cloud data warehouses and the data lakes in 2021. The survey also found that over the next six to twelve months,
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A Walk in the Clouds

Technology is advancing at a tremendous pace today, and every business is now turning into an IT company of sorts. Digital transformation is the need of the hour, and the first word that comes to mind when we think of
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Optimizing Your Cloud Game One Step At A Time!

According to Gartner, IT spending backed by the cloud will cross $3.7 trillion in the next two years or so. While that’s a huge number it’s not that surprising. Ever heard of organizations taking up digital transformation without using the
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The Blockchain Story

There are so many recent instances of NPAs which have been brought to our notice by the media recently. Loan frauds seem to be the order of the day in many such cases. The typical modus operandi in such cases
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What is the future of technology? We are hearing buzzwords all around with Vladmir Putin saying “The nation with the best and the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, they would be the one who would have control over the world”. But
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