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How can I make RPA work for me?

‘Managed’ GICs for ‘Managing’ Budgets and more!

In todays’ hyper-paced business environment where continuous delivery and continuous innovation have become a norm, CIOs must take a continuous approach to budget optimization as well. With so much c-suite thrust on balancing innovation with cost and delivery, it’s safe
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Why GICs Make Sense

We should be on the cloud! Why aren’t we using Blockchain? What kind of analysis and AI are we gathering from all the data that we are collecting today? Our competitors are using DevOps, we need to get there fast!
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How can we secure bots right from the start?

On The Back Of A Paper Napkin

Some of the greatest ideas are often those that have not been tried and tested, waiting to be experimented upon. Many a times, taking shape in a subconscious reality when finally the back of a paper napkin, over dinner, drinks
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