Unlock the Secrets: Seamless Oracle Micros – Xstore Implementation in 280+ US Stores

Discover how Systems Plus transformed the Point of Sale (POS) landscape for over 280 US stores through a flawless upgrade to Oracle’s Micros – Xstore. This case study unravels the complexities of legacy system upgrades, intricate nightly processes, and the strategic adoption of automation.

Explore how we revolutionized POS operations across 280+ US stores with Oracle’s Micros – Xstore. Dive into key insights:

Key Results Achieved:

Cost Savings
40% Reduction
Incident Volume
50% Elevation
In First Contact Resolution

What's Inside:

What We Achieved:

Legacy System Upgrade

Delve into the intricacies of transitioning from an outdated legacy system to Oracle’s Micros – Xstore. Learn how Systems Plus smoothly navigated this complex endeavor, adapting to changing business trends and technological progress. 

Nightly Process Complexity

Explore the challenges introduced by the integration of post-store closure nightly processes. Discover the meticulous vigilance, continuous monitoring, and rapid problem resolution required to prevent disruptions in the subsequent day’s operational flow. 

Automation Implementation

Uncover the hurdles faced in supporting operations across 280 stores with multiple registers. See how Systems Plus addressed this challenge by exploring automation methods to enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual effort. 

Customer Interaction Enhancement

 Learn how the elevation of customer interactions through APIs and iPads presented unique challenges, and how Systems Plus seamlessly facilitated direct communication between sales associates and customers.

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