In the midst of the Fourth Industrial revolution and quite clearly in an increasingly digitalized environment whether a business requires to utilize cloud services is no longer the question. The considerations are more around how much, which type and how to execute a successful cloud

What would constitute a perfect cloud environment for your business?

With the movement towards a multi or hybrid cloud environment using public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or an Enterprise Level private cloud platform, there are multiple challenges that you might face.

The typical challenges your organization might face include:

Underutilization of cloud capacity

Unclear cloud migration paths
or loose adoption frameworks

Cloud security concerns

Absence of talent with
the right cloud skills

Dearth of reliable cloud partners

Inappropriate pricing and
licensing issues causing cost overruns

Some of the top use cases of cloud solutions include:

Leverage cloud solutions to easily scale your IT infrastructure up or down based on demand. Ensure your website and applications run smoothly during traffic spikes without the need for significant hardware investments.

Protect your critical business data with cloud-based backup and recovery solutions. Safeguard against data loss due to hardware failures, human errors, or cyberattacks, and recover swiftly to minimize downtime.

Reduce IT infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud. Eliminate the need for on-premises servers, maintenance, and cooling expenses. Pay only for the resources you use, optimizing your IT budget.

Extend your business's reach globally by hosting applications and services in data centers located worldwide. Ensure low latency and fast access for international customers and employees.

Develop robust disaster recovery plans with cloud solutions. Maintain redundant systems and data backups in the cloud to ensure business continuity in the face of unexpected events.

Enhance data security and compliance with cloud services. Leverage advanced security features, encryption, and access controls to protect sensitive information and meet regulatory requirements.

Utilize cloud-based AI and machine learning services to gain actionable insights from your data. Enhance decision-making, automate tasks, and deliver personalized user experiences.

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Here’s how we can help you:

Our thorough understanding of business systems, especially legacy based, along with three decades of partnering with global businesses across industries provides our client partners with greater leverage in the following areas:

Our unique approach to discover cloud value and cloud migration paths will benefit any organization, small or big. Some of the things we will establish are:

  • Establishing the right cloud architecture
  • Determining areas of your existing architecture that should be migrated or phased out. A complete overhaul is an unrealistic expectation, hence we strongly suggest a staggered approach.
  • Building transition roadmaps that ensure adoption
  • Providing clear ROI and TCO parameters
  • A stronger Go-To-Market strategy

Our certified team of AWS and cloud consultants assist with custom application development, monitoring and scaling in line with your unique PaaS, IaaS or SaaS needs. Be it your mobile, IoT, Ecommerce or machine learning, the team can provide you with solutions that are feasible and cost efficient, including assistance on determining optimal data strategies for your organization and content distribution processes

Using DevOps as a methodology with cloud services allows us to follow a CI-CD model for pipeline automation when it comes to Application, Database or cloud services in general. Our expertise in traditional and new technologies also helps us in defining clearer, more streamlined and effective solutions

Creating an effective Enterprise Cloud Architecture requires strong collaboration with the business and operations teams to understand feasibility, usage and scale. Our approach is to first define business goals, and together with a cloud reference model define what traditional components from the current application architecture can be migrated to the cloud. Our knowledge of traditional enterprise architecture and IT ecosystems allows us to be precise and streamlined during the migration exercise, and concurrently keeping stringent security practices in place for all cloud solutions.As part of most cloud architectures, we recommend leveraging containerized solutions using Docker and Kubernetes which will add tremendous value to any IT organization.

In addition to this, for established organizations, complex and hybrid environments which are a combination of multiple layers of public and private cloud platforms working in tandem with traditional IT architecture, is a reality. Not everything can be completely migrated to a cloud platform. If not constructed properly, this environment could have high cost ramifications and the ease of operating will be compromised.

Problem Statement

Incorporating nearly a century of expertise in crafting premium ice cream, the company aspired to implement a state-of-the-art Cloud Data Platform on AWS. The objective was to attain superior data accessibility and accuracy, facilitating swift, data-guided choices. This endeavor aimed to offer all-encompassing visibility into Product, Operations, and Sales KPIs, enabling effective business optimization.


We met this need with a skilled team, smoothly transitioning core processes to a new system. Our mobility experts integrated the app seamlessly, enhancing retail experiences, boosting satisfaction, and driving sales growth.

Problem Statement

With a vision to revolutionize the transportation sector, our client, a technology-driven company dedicated to enhancing business value, sought to bridge the gap between transportation supply and demand in a manner akin to ride-hailing giants like Uber and Grab. Their aim was to transform the trucking industry, utilizing AI and machine learning to extract insights from data streams.


Systems Plus embarked on a visionary mission in partnership with our client. We harnessed AWS serverless technology, rule-based engines, and a comprehensive microservices framework to craft a transformative solution. This intricate platform elegantly translated IoT-generated data into actionable insights, paving the way for a more efficient and agile future in the transportation industry.


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