We believe that in this fast-expanding world and current disruptive economy, GCCs have become essential for global companies to enhance their agility, access specialized talent, and optimize costs while driving innovation.

The Virtual Captive platform, a Versitae and Systems+ think tank initiative, is born out of the need for organizations who want the strategic benefits of an offshore team, without the risk or hassle of having to own the platform. Through our disruptive offering, we bring to you all of strategic benefits of having a self-owned offshore team while mitigating most of its challenges:

GCCs have evolved from being a Source of Cost Optimization to becoming Global Value Organizations by

Allowing access to global talent pools

Enhancing quality through process standardization

Enabling better collaboration

Improving agility

Building and maintaining knowledge in-house

Achieving economies of scale

Some of the top use cases of GCC include:

A global technology company needs a dedicated center for research, development, and innovation to stay competitive and drive new product development. We established a Global Capability Center focused on R&D and innovation. This center collaborates with local universities and hires top talent to conduct cutting-edge research and develop new technologies, ensuring the company's leadership in the industry.

A multinational financial institution faces challenges in managing back-office operations efficiently across different regions. We established a Global Capability Center specializing in financial services operations. This center centralizes and standardizes operations such as transaction processing, risk management, and compliance. It leverages advanced automation and analytics to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.

A global retail chain seeks to improve customer experience and loyalty across diverse markets. We created a Global Capability Center focused on enhancing retail customer experience. This center conducts market research, gathers customer feedback,and develops strategies to personalize shopping experiences and drive customer loyalty, ultimately boosting sales.

An automobile manufacturer seeks to streamline its design and engineering processes to accelerate product development and enhance vehicle quality. We established a Global Capability Center specializing in automotive design and engineering. This center houses skilled designers and engineers who collaborate with global teams to create innovative vehicle designs, optimize engineering processes, and reduce time-to-market.

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Our Approach

  • Over 20 active virtual GCCs managed
  • In-depth customer needs understanding
  • Enhanced multicultural adaptation training
  • Efficient onboarding and quality assurance
  • Extensive global talent network for access to diverse skills
  • Existing facilities are available at delivery centers in Mumbai and Pune
  • A dedicated management team is available to support the facilities
  • Seamless project onboarding
  • Complete remote setups are supported
  • Necessary infrastructure and security measures are provided for remote employees
  • Guidance on best skills available in India
  • Talent assessment, skill mapping, and continuous skill enhancement
  • Mitigating risk around time difference
  • Suggestion on structures for building value-based GCC
  • Encourage cross-functional collaborations
  • Employee engagement initiatives
  • Global recognition programs
  • Skill development and training
  • Standardized HR practices and policies
  • Dedicated HRBPs for responsive support and personalized guidance
  • Open communication channel for employee feedback mechanism
  • Recognition and reward programs
  • Well-being initiatives that support mental and physical health
  • Celebrations of milestones achieved

   Why Choose Us?


  • 35+ years of experience in IT innovation.
  • 10+ years of effectively developing and running global competence centers of the highest quality.
  • Team of highly skilled experts in comprehending client demands and providing solutions.
  • Successfully delivered over 20+ GCCs with an average cost reduction of more than 30%.
  • Experience of working with more than 150 different technologies.
  • Experience on fresh implementation and end to end operationalization of your strategic talent pool.
Problem Statement

A large discount footwear retailer in the United States faced significant challenges in maintaining a healthy top line while simultaneously striving to keep per unit costs low. Their existing offshore delivery model, characterized by its lack of transparency, had led to numerous issues. It resulted in poor value for money, inadequate control over delivery processes, slower reaction times when problems arose, and a troubling lack of cost transparency.

To overcome these pressing challenges, we adopted a Managed Global In-house Center (GIC) model by establishing a self-controlled captive unit in India. This transformation resulted in seamless information flow, better access to talent, enhanced productivity, and full transparency on cost and operations, while also improving the retention of critical business knowledge.
Problem Statement

DXL, a leading retail brand, faced a critical challenge—a disconnection in IT competencies across its portfolio, resulting in heavy reliance on external vendors. The cost of even basic support services had soared.

To address this, we assisted DXL in creating a Virtual Global Capability Center (GCC). It focused on expertise-driven teams, optimizing support, and building core competencies. The DXL GCC now covers Cloud, Data/Martech, Manhattan Active Omni Support, and e-commerce, cutting costs and enhancing internal capabilities for business growth.


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