At Systems Plus, we specialize in guiding businesses through a seamless digital transformation journey by aligning their objectives with cutting-edge ServiceNow® solutions. Our extensive global experience and commitment to innovation, position us as a reliable partner for your ServiceNow initiatives. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including consulting, implementation, integration, automation, enhancement, and ongoing support.

Unlock the full potential of the Now platform with our expert services, propelling your business to new heights. Our core proficiency in ServiceNow spans across key areas such as IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Strategic Portfolio Management (ITBM), HR, and more, establishing us as the preferred ServiceNow implementation organization.

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What We Do

We help businesses navigate the challenges of digital transformation through our ServiceNow Consulting and Implementation solutions. Our customized approach not only enables organizations to adapt to changing market demands but also ensures personalized experiences for their customers. Here’s how:
Consulting Services
  • Strategy, Architecture, Governance and Roadmap
  • Platform Maturity Assessment
  • Process Maturity Assessment
Implementation Services
  • Solution Readiness - Discover and Plan
  • Solution Delivery - Design, Configure/Build, and Test
  • Solution Rollout - Release and Operate
  • Project and Program Management
  • Organizational Change Management
Integration and Automation
  • Integration Hub - Active Directory, Oracle, O365, Windows Server, Zscaler, WebLogic, SAP, etc.
  • Rest API – ServiceNow to ServiceNow, ServiceNow to 3rd Party, Okta, SuccessFactors, JIRA, etc.
Support Services
  • Administration & Maintenance Services
  • Platform Support Services

Why Choose Us?

  • Systems Plus offers a flexible roadmap to implement and configure various IT processes (ITSM, ITBM, ITOM etc.) using ServiceNow.
  • Transform and Automate IT Processes utilizing ITIL Principles, Agile Methodologies, and standard best practices.
  • Experience in establishing cutting edge ServiceNow solutions.
  • Team of experienced and skilled process consultants and ServiceNow developers.
  • Team of certified ServiceNow Consultants.


Our well crafted and tested approach

Problem Statement

Transforming IT Service Management - A ServiceNow Implementation

A leading organization operating across continents, faced challenges due to disparate IT service management practices. The absence of standardized tools and processes resulted in operational inefficiencies, disjointed support, and monitoring across diverse regions.


To overcome these challenges, the organization initiated a strategic ServiceNow implementation.

The goal was clear:

• Revolutionize IT service management.

• Streamline operational processes.

• Foster collaborative excellence

This ambitious endeavor aimed not only to enhance operational efficiency but also to standardize IT practices globally. Within an impressive span of 12 weeks, the organization sought to create a unified framework for IT service management.

Problem Statement

Seamless Integration Excellence - Unifying Products and Platforms with ServiceNow

A prominent global organization sought to integrate Azure AD with ServiceNow and, in a subsequent initiative, achieve bidirectional integration within the ServiceNow platform.


The integrations had respective distinct challenges but were tackled smoothly by team

1. Azure AD Integration

• Automated user synchronization from Azure AD to ServiceNow.

• Adoption of a group provisioning method for efficient user management.

• Establishment of seamless synchronization between ServiceNow and Azure AD.

2. ServiceNow Integration

• Implementation of a bi-directional integration approach using REST APIs.

• Focus on eliminating bugs, reducing costs, and ensuring a smooth integration process.

Problem Statement

JML (Joiners/Movers/Leavers) Automation Mastery: Streamlining User Transitions with Precision

A global organization faced challenges in JML process with manual efforts, causing delays and inconsistencies. Inaccurate data quality and prolonged account provisioning further compound the issue across diverse regions.


Our highly experienced team successfully executed the 18-week initiative, leveraging below tools for automated onboarding

• SAP SuccessFactors

• ServiceNow-Integration Hub

• Active Directory

This strategic endeavor reduced manual requests, mitigated ID duplication risk, and standardized user data, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall system reliability.


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