In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, hiring and retaining talent poses a significant challenge to organizational excellence. Thus, if you’re looking to reduce costs and leverage global talent while minimizing overheads, then our Managed Support Services (MSS) model is the ideal choice!

Equipped with a strong foundational blend of People, Process, and Technology, we understand the unique needs and objectives of your organization. Leverage our tailored MSS solutions to build remote teams with optimal speed and competence!


Focus on strategic and innovative initiatives while we take care of the operational intricacies

Quick availability of resources

Proactive 24X7 managed services support

Compliance with industry standards

Improved customer satisfaction and adoption rate

External management of quality control

Lean IT department


Some of the top use cases of Managed Support Services include:

Business Continuity During Unexpected Employee Resignations
The abrupt departure or resignation of a key team member often creates challenging voids that are hard to address swiftly. Coupled with the prevailing scarcity of IT talent, sourcing qualified candidates to fill such roles poses a significant hurdle. Thankfully, our managed services offer a solution. Equipped with a seasoned team proficient in diverse IT domains, we can swiftly deploy an expert capable of seamlessly continuing the work left by your departed IT administrator. This expeditious resolution allows your operations to resume normalcy promptly, affording you the necessary time to meticulously identify and recruit a suitably qualified replacement.
The manual management of helpdesk tickets poses a significant time burden on IT teams. Leveraging automation in conjunction with a managed IT support team presents an effective solution for efficiently handling a myriad of tasks encompassed within helpdesk management. Our adept team will manage the entire lifecycle of helpdesk tickets, from their inception sourced from various channels to their integration into relevant CRMs and systems as actionable tasks. Additionally, we ensure seamless communication by promptly emailing stakeholders with pertinent helpdesk tasks and generating comprehensive reports upon any changes in the status of tickets.
During the initial 6-12 months following the launch of a new E-commerce application, tool, or solution, the transition period can present considerable challenges. Often, unforeseen requirements arise, necessitating system enhancements beyond the scope of the initial implementation. Our managed support services offer a solution amidst this transitional chaos by seamlessly integrating these "phase 2" enhancements. Moreover, we provide supplementary guidance to facilitate your acclimatization to the new solution, ensuring a smoother operational experience.

Our Service Offerings

  • Cloud adoption and migration
  • Cloud deployment and monitoring
  • Alignment of cloud with business objectives
  • Scaling and security
  • 24*7 on-call support post business hours
  • Legacy application migration and change management
  • Application modernization
  • Technical and functional support
  • Portal and content configuration
  • Expertise in .NET, Sitecore, Liferay, Cold Fusion, Java, and Database
  • Service desk management
  • Desktop, server, network, security, data center
  • L1/2/3 support and monitoring
  • Global presence with 24*7 support team
  • Modernization of IT infrastructure
  • Expertise in operating Windows, Linux, Power shell script, NOC, DCOPS, and Cloud Admin (AWS/Azure)
  • Project management
  • User experience
  • IT consulting
  • Software development
  • Cybersecurity

   Why Choose Us?

  • Vast experience spanning more than three decades in application support, maintenance, and infrastructure services
  • Global talent pool equipped with core competencies
  • Successfully catered to over 50+ customers from diverse industries
  • Dedicated to ensuring unmatched quality and unwavering commitment to our global clientele, operating round-the-clock, 24×7
  • Experience on fresh implementation and end to end operationalization of your talent pool
Contemplating your next big move in streamlining your IT services and infrastructure? Connect with our experts today for a detailed know-how of our cutting-edge managed support services!


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