In a world which is increasingly digital and where success is wholly dependent on cost and delivery optimization, the operative methodology of Agile not only takes precedence over traditional software delivery mechanisms but also opens up yet another door for increasing efficiency.

Agile is, of course, not a new concept, but in a world where organizations want to leverage the best talent across the globe, it is increasingly becoming one of the most sought-after services. Differences in time zones, leadership & communication styles, or not having the right kind of talent to support product development can easily give rise to a “digital irony: without a robust Agile in place.”

Distributed Agile facilitates your organization's journey towards collaboration by

Enabling Access to Diverse Talent

Fostering innovative culture by combining diverse skill sets

Allowing Global market reach

Ensuring continuity and resilience through decentralized work

Reducing costs on office space, relocation, and travel expenses

Enabling faster development cycles through parallel team collaboration across locations

Some of the top use cases of Distributed Agile include:

A pharmaceutical company was developing a new drug with a globally dispersed research and development team, requiring coordination of research efforts, data analysis, and compliance. We applied Distributed Agile by forming cross-continental teams. These teams collaborated virtually on research, testing, and documentation using Agile practices. This approach ensured regulatory compliance while expediting drug development.

An aerospace manufacturer with multiple global sites needed to coordinate the development of complex aerospace products across locations. We adopted Distributed Agile by establishing cross-location Agile teams. They collaborated virtually through Agile ceremonies, ensuring alignment of components and timely delivery. This approach streamlined development and improved product quality.

An international retail company sought to expand its e-commerce platform to new countries, requiring coordination of product launches, feature updates, and localization efforts. We leveraged Distributed Agile for e-commerce expansion. Cross-region Agile teams collaborated virtually, allowing for synchronized development, localization, and release. This approach ensured timely market entry and enhanced customer satisfaction.

A global insurance provider grappled with policy management across diverse markets with unique regulatory requirements and customer needs. We implemented Distributed Agile methodologies for policy changes. Virtual cross-region Agile teams collaborated, ensuring policy changes were compliant with local regulations and met customer expectations, resulting in faster policy updates and improved customer service.

A global energy company invested in renewable energy projects across continents, requiring coordination of project development, permitting, and construction. We implemented Distributed Agile practices for renewable energy project management. Cross-location teams collaborated virtually, ensuring project milestones, regulatory compliance, and sustainable energy production. This approach streamlined project execution and reduced time-to-market for renewable energy solutions.

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What We Do

We help businesses embrace the power of distributed agile methodologies to drive their digital transformation. Our expertise in distributed teams and agile practices enables seamless collaboration, faster delivery, and increased adaptability. Here’s how we support your journey:

Distributed Governance
  • Collaborative operating environment
  • Open communication channels
  • Distributed governance
Solution-based Approach
  • Solution-based approach
  • Ideal work culture
  • Volatile projects
  • Intense collaboration
Geographically Remote Models
  • Specialization in geographically remote models
  • Scalable solutions based on project requirements
  • Expertise in managing remote teams
  • Flexibility to scale up or down as needed
Shorter Sprint Time
  • Shorter sprint time periods
  • Mutual planning for effective coordination
  • Regular burn down/burn up reports to measure progress and effectiveness

  Why Choose Us?

  • We have successfully delivered distributed agile projects in various regions worldwide, reaching over 20 countries
  • Our distributed agile teams have consistently achieved an average of 95% on-time delivery
  • Taking advantage of different time zones, we provide round-the-clock development and support services resulting in 30% reduction in development time and faster time-to-market for our clients.
  • Our distributed agile teams consistently achieve a defect density rate of less than 1%, which is significantly lower than industry averages.
  • Our distributed agile model has contributed to a 40% reduction in employee turnover rates compared to traditional co-located teams.
Problem Statement

A U.S.-based community association management company faces ongoing challenge of enhancing their internally developed systems while also venturing into new product development. To remain competitive and responsive to changing market dynamics, they must consistently invest in upgrading their existing infrastructure and innovating with new solutions.


Our solution involves a collaborative effort with our Managed GIC team, product owners across the U.S., U.S.-based software architects, and a North and South America delivery team. This approach ensures that system upgrades and new product development stay aligned with expectations and customer demand, consistently delivering the right solutions.

Problem Statement

An Indian firm, with its parent company headquartered in Australia, embarked on a project to develop a core product for their business. The project encompassed multiple aspects, including third-party hardware development for IoT capabilities, and frequent client-requested feature modifications.


We successfully navigated the challenges by adopting a Distributed Agile approach, enabling real-time adjustments to meet the client's evolving needs and swiftly accommodate frequent feature modifications. This ensured effective project management, seamless collaboration, and on-time deliveries despite project complexity.


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