Witness an eight-week journey, where we took charge of upgrading the client’s existing ServiceNow® platform to the latest version, navigating challenges, implementing strategic solutions, and reaping key benefits during this crucial transition. 


Key Results Achieved:

<8 weeks
Delivered in less than 8 weeks
Upgrade Across Instances
Spanned across development, test, and production instances.
Planning for End-of-Life Support:
Strategic foresight mitigated potential risks.

What's Inside:

Strategic ServiceNow Upgrade:

Navigating an eight-week journey, our collaboration with a global food and beverage leader showcased the strategic importance of upgrading the ServiceNow platform. The process involved overcoming challenges, implementing solutions, and reaping key benefits during this crucial transition

Challenges and Nuanced Solutions:

Addressing end-of-support concerns and security vulnerabilities, our expert team developed a comprehensive upgrade strategy. Proactively fixing bugs and efficiently planning for end-of-life support ensured a seamless transition, maintaining service quality and reliability

Key Benefits and Operational Efficiency:

The ServiceNow upgrade delivered substantial benefits, spanning across development, test, and production instances. With an error-free upgrade and proactive bug fixing, our strategic planning mitigated risks associated with operating on an unsupported platform, showcasing our commitment to excellence in IT service management.

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