How Managed GIC can accelerate tech adoption and enable digital for your enterprise

How Managed GIC can accelerate tech adoption and enable digital for your enterprise
Posted : July 28th, 2022

Maintaining a competitive edge in the aftermath of the pandemic will require enterprises to lean heavily on Managed GICs. Indian GIC service providers have rebounded from the slump induced by COVID-19 and returned to their growth trajectory. Currently, around 500 global companies are planning to launch captive centers in India by 2025.

Here is how Managed GIC can help you adopt new-age technology and enable digital for your enterprise.

Building a collaborative ecosystem

Enterprise ecosystems are becoming more and more collaborative. With the rapid pace of tech advances and the fragmentation of digital platforms, it’s become impractical for enterprises to try to do everything in-house. Trying to retain talent for all possible skills is expensive and impractical. Successful enterprises curate an ecosystem of skills and talent. Managed GICs play an important role in curating such an ecosystem.

Managed GIC service providers can act as a virtual connection for the enterprise ecosystem. The Managed GIC, more commonly known as the Virtual Captive, becomes the focal point of connectivity or a remote operational nerve center that connects the resources dispersed around different geographical areas.

Managed GICs can use the robust IT infrastructure available in Indian cities and the high level of technical competencies among the workforce in their catchment area to deliver high-quality services to their global enterprise clients.

Strengthening security

Data breaches can undermine even the most well-built networks. Numerous companies have had personal information and other delicate data taken by hackers. These dangers will grow in the post-pandemic era, with the uptake of digital transformation programs and hybrid working models.

Nowadays, complex enterprise networks use innovative technologies like IoT, edge computing, and industrial control systems. Even enterprises with basic business processes will end up with a complicated network if they adopt a multi-cloud strategy.

Security is critical for any organization, and timely detection and response are key to keeping your data safe. Managed GICs’ work to ensure robust IT governance, including cyber security reviews and compliance initiatives to boost security.

The latest threat identification and mitigation strategies, such as zero trust architecture and comprehensive identity management, can help keep your data safe. And intelligent automation and standardization initiatives can help strengthen the enterprise architecture, including embedding security into enterprise workflows and adopting approaches such as “security and safety by design.”

MGICs keep up with the latest technology trends, assess their viability for the enterprise, and adapt it if possible. The MGICs help their enterprise clients incubate the new security technology and scale it up, before applying it across the enterprise.

Legal and Regulatory compliance

Adopting new technology is not just about the hardware and software. It’s also about making sure you comply with all the relevant laws and regulations. This is where Managed GICs can help. They can host private clouds for their enterprise clients, connect with freelancers and independent contractors, and orchestrate partner contracts, compliance audits, and other legal and regulatory interventions. This way, you can speed up new tech adoption while staying on the right side of the law.

How can Systems Plus help you?

Outsourcing can be a tricky business, but if you go about it the right way, it can be extremely beneficial. The key to maximizing cost savings and reducing internal chaos is to entrust the setup and operations to an expert. With a Managed GIC (Virtual Captive) model, the risks are minimized, and the benefits are easily maximized.

At Systems Plus, we have been providing Managed GIC solutions (also known as Virtual Captives) to our clients for more than a decade. Our Virtual Captive model takes out all the pain points of a legacy outsourcing model, making it the ideal outsourcing solution for enterprises of any size and scale.

Reach out to us for a free consultation to learn how we can help you enable digital.


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