RPA : How to match the data from excel with data grid or table on web applications

RPA : How to match the data from excel with data grid or table on web applications
Posted : May 8th, 2020


To fill massive data from excel to a web application.


While entering the company name from excel to the web app in the search field before filling all the details from excel it comes up with similar accurate names

For Ex: If we enter Systems it comes up with  Systems Plus
 Systems Plus Limited
 Systems Plus Private Limited


So bot has to select the correct option from the available list of data in table.

Sample Code Snippets:

  • Here in the above code we have taken the count of the total rows of table in the web form after the search and assigned to a variable named $vTotalTablerowcount$
  • Then performed the variable operation by decrementing with 1 to the variable $vTotalTablerowcount$ and assigned this value to itself.
  • Such that while performing the search function in the web table it will run for the number of times which is equal to the $vTotalTablerowcount$
  • We use the variable $vTotalTablerowcount$ in the loop
  • Then we get the client name from webform using object cloning and assign to variable called $vWebclientName$
  • Check the domx path of the object and identify the dynamic changes of any value then insert the variable called “Counter”
  • If it is a particular string changing then replace with ‘*’ in the domx path as below
    For ex: //*[@id=”example1″]/tbody/tr[$Counter$]/td[2]
  • We also take the client name from excel and assign to variable named $vclientName$
  • If the both variables are equal then it will click on the accurate client name and perform the filling web form in that client or else exit the loop.

Top Benefits:

  • Selection of accurate data is possible
  • Handles large quantity of rows effectively
  • Maintains the data integrity by providing results with in less amount of time
  • Eradication of human errors

Where we can apply?

We can use with the validation test and comparison from excel to the web data in Finance, Health care, IT, Pharmacy, Retail and many domains

  • In finance we can use in the matching of the customer name, Account number, etc. from excel file to the name in the bank accounts and can make the necessary actions.
  • In healthcare we can use for matching the Patient name, policy details , from excel/CSV to the insurance process for further actions and validations and may other sub processes.

Thus we can automate the excel data matching with tabular data in the website and perform operations. Do you agree/ disagree, what other ideas you can add to list which have not been mentioned in the post/ blog? Which process you will automate in this situation? Let us know in comment…


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