On The Back Of A Paper Napkin

On The Back Of  A Paper Napkin
Posted : May 15th, 2018

Some of the greatest ideas are often those that have not been tried and tested, waiting to be experimented upon. Many a times, taking shape in a subconscious reality when finally the back of a paper napkin, over dinner, drinks & stimulating conversation serves as a catalyst for that “Aha” moment! Practically life changing isn’t it?

Now that I think about it, some of these ideas when successfully implemented give rise to disruption. They are a precedent to a metamorphosis of sorts, a change in perspective or mindset. It’s like discovering a whole new way to make the pieces of the puzzle fit together, such that the sum of the parts suddenly create a newer more meaningful whole.

Conceptualized almost a decade ago over a dinner conversation, our back-of-the-napkin idea is now one of our most valued propositions. We call it the “Managed” Captive and here is its story:

Businesses that aspire to expand globally often turn to traditional offshoring and outsourcing. To a certain extent, this ensures cost cutting and maintains some efficiency, however, consistent and quality results may not always be achieved. Plus, there are always risks associated with legal requirements and statutory needs when operations are set away from the home base. Setting up physical infrastructures is not an easy task at all, and often, the responsibility to take care of all this is shouldered by a CIO.

So what do you do when the world is moving at such a rapid pace where a culture of innovation and change is predominant? Cookie cutter solutions do not seem to resolve your problems, and traditional approaches do not fit your requirements. Here’s when our Managed Captive model comes in.

It is a self-owned captive model that comes closest to giving you your own team, minus the logistical and legal headaches. Imagine an extended enterprise customized as per your business needs with one hundred percent transparency and control.

That’s not all. It also ensures rapid onboarding, 30+ percent in cost savings and zero transfer pricing issues. As the employees work directly under the customers, the morale remains high, attrition remains low and quality is at its best. Processes are customizable and open to change, and the beauty of this model lies in its uniqueness. Whether it is retail businesses, product development companies or services looking for agile work environments, this work model fits in everywhere. It’s structured to get you set up easily in under 3 months. The model also ensures a high degree of knowledge retention, a proactive team, secured intellectual property, giving a CIO the complete package.

What is most gratifying for us to see is that what started out as a 15 person pilot has been appreciated and embraced by our customers, and since has grown twentyfold. The last five years have been the most fruitful because we’ve had the room to experiment and provide unique solutions basis the unique IT needs of the organizations we service. From startups to global giants, we’ve seen the model adapt and evolve everywhere. The learning of course, has been tremendous as well.

We believe that the way to pave a disruptive future in IT offshoring and outsourcing is to be able to provide a solution which can be easily customized to suit the need of the hour. It keeps us on our toes and it keeps our customers agile. The ability to solve a jigsaw differently is what helps us #GetITRight.


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