In the words of Saint (Mother) Teresa, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

We truly believe that every little effort made towards giving back to people and empowering lives, counts. Therefore our key initiatives focus on social sustainability. This, we do through our corporate program – “Udaan” – the power to fly towards a better life.

  • Rural Initiatives

    Team Udaan in partnership with Pride India, a local NGO, has adopted two villages in rural Maharashtra – Panderi and Adiste. Apart from supporting initiatives towards providing basic amenities to the villagers, Team Udaan regularly visits to educate the villagers on health & hygiene maintenance, supporting locals with light construction work and painting, providing educational material for school going children and career counselling to the young adults.

  • Sports & Education

    Through NGOs like Aseema, Dharavi Diaries and Jijai Shikshan Sanstha, members of Team Udaan, regularly visit municipal schools in the slums of Mumbai and Pune to teach classes starting from Std. 1 – 4 and provide vocational training in computers to young adults so that they are digitally equipped. Systems Plus is also associated with The Little League, an organization that supports & grooms children with their education needs through their passion for football. We have our own little team of future football champions, or at least we hope to see them achieve that dream of theirs.

  • Joy of Giving

    Through our associations with various NGOs, we regularly support Back to School initiatives where our contribution is used for buying school books, uniforms and stationary for underprivileged children across the country. Some of the most enjoyable weekends have been spent with the elderly at Jeevan Asha, an old age home and Janvi Charitable Trust, a community centre for kids. Time spent with members of the Industrial School for the Blind proved to be an inspiration for members of Team Udaan.