DevOps: Unleashing Greater Agility & Speed.

DevOps: Unleashing Greater Agility & Speed.
Posted : September 17th, 2021
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Inheriting a legacy is highly beneficial in life, but not in IT! Legacy systems or bimodal environments will inevitably slow you down. For today’s fast-evolving technology, speed and agility is the need of the hour, and DevOps is the best to inherit IT legacy systems.

How do you increase efficiency systematically, speed up exponentially and grow dynamically? DevOps best practices have all the answers. Supported by software and technology, since DevOps automates the entire operation to create a smooth cultural collaboration. Moreover it helps your software teams better leverage their time and skills to build, test and deploy software faster while bolstering communication and data transparency.

Through planned digital transformation with DevOps, a greater quantum of releases is managed at an unimaginable velocity. Technologies such as microservices architecture, containers, and, of course, cloud computing capabilities make it happen.

Powering DevOps with Microservices

The beauty of microservices architecture is that it allows you to build a single application out of a collection of small services. It decouples large and complex systems into simple and independent projects to make applications more flexible and enable quicker innovation.

The use of microservices leads to increased release frequency which makes way for a larger number of deployments. Various DevOps methods, including continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous feedback, and continuous delivery helps manage them efficiently so that you deliver rapidly in a safe and reliable manner. Testing, packaging, and deployment tasks are automated for each service in an independent DevOps pipeline to prevent affecting other services.

When you combine DevOps and microservices, your operations become more agile. While DevOps improves the development and IT operations culture, microservices help you build, release and maintain applications faster.

Improving collaboration with DevOps and Containers

Containers help to strengthen workflows and collaborate in your custom made DevOps model. Different parts of an application are distributed into multiple microservices and hosted in different containers to update them easily.

The entire runtime environment which includes the application, its dependencies, libraries, and configuration files is packed in a container. It lends consistency and speed in development, testing, and production environments throughout the delivery chain.

The DevOps chain consists of various tools and processes involved at each link. Containerization cuts down this bulk. It provides lighter and faster applications with a powerful capacity for versioning. Containers build agility to switch speedily between various frameworks or deployment platforms while working on DevOps. This achieves efficiency, saves time, and controls costs too.

Turbocharging DevOps with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing increases the pace of DevOps implementation throughout the development lifecycle. The cloud enables collaboration while saving the downtime of sending files back and forth to team members. It builds on speed through automated testing in simulated environments.

With secure cloud gateways for DevOps, users can further safely access enterprise resources anytime, anywhere. Constant access allows for continuous collaboration and increases execution velocity.

DevOps should be embraced for taking advantage of its continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) tools. These enable teams to frequently validate and deliver applications. The tight integration not only provides centralized governance but also the cloud controls a faster DevOps process.

Unleash Agility & Speed with DevOps.

At Systems Plus, we have the DevOps expertise to transform your legacy system into an agile and fruitful business. We leverage containers and microservices to support cloud adoption while reducing costs and complexities. Hence by applying DevOps practices and tools, we help you improve efficiencies and deliver at an incredible pace. To keep you ahead, always!


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