The Virtual Captive platform, a Versitae and Systems+ think tank initiative, is born out of the need for organizations who want the strategic benefits of an offshore team, without the risk or hassle of having to own the platform. Through our disruptive offering, we bring to you all of strategic benefits of having a self-owned offshore team while mitigating most of its challenges:






Cost Savings


Statutory & Legal Issues

Statutory &
Legal Issues

90 Day

Talent Acquisition
Single-Digit Attrition Rate

Virtual Captive

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    watch Mr. Nikunj Jhaveri, Founder & Chairman, Systems Plus in conversation with Mr. Sapan Choksi, CEO, Systems Plus on how this model was conceived and its rapid adoption by some of the major global players:
    To know more about how our Managed GIC model worked for a US-based global footwear retailer, Click Here

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