A VIRTUAL CAPTIVE CAN HELP YOU improve DIGITAL capabilities AND agility

A VIRTUAL CAPTIVE CAN HELP YOU improve DIGITAL capabilities AND agility
Posted : October 15th, 2020

A Virtual Captive also known as a Managed GIC can help you improve your digital capabilities and Agility. It’s the only approach that can help a company achieve Modern Agility in a few important ways.

The first is that a Virtual Captive is the best way to create cost effective technology centers of excellence. These COEs are focused on Iterative delivery of solutions, quality assurance and test execution, Data Analytics, Security Operations, and Robotic Process Automation.
Establishing a COE gives you the capacity to focus resources on important activities, retains knowledge, and becomes more effective over time.

Next, a Virtual Captive is the best place to put baseline support activities. Baseline support activities are part of every IT organization. These are the on-going tasks required to keep the lights on and they are never going away. Many companies have chosen to use tradition outsourcing to handle baseline support tasks, and have had mixed results.
A mGIC provides the talent, agility, knowledge retention and cost structure needed to create valuable centers of excellence

A Virtual Captive is also a cost-effective source of great technology talent. Talent is the largest cost in most IT organizations. A Virtual Captive is the best way to address that. Our clients operate their Virtual Captives at less than $20 per hour for top talent, and often much less.

Another advantage is a Virtual Captive will improve your Remote work processes and management discipline – By leveraging external resources for key functions, your leadership team will hone their management, organizational, and execution skills allowing them to be even more effective with internal teams. A productive external team also helps with knowledge retention, intellectual property control, and compliance.


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