Agile is here to stay for a longer time…

Agile is here to stay for a longer time…
Posted : May 15th, 2018

Still dealing with Waterfall..?? It’s time to wake up..!!

Agile has been in the market for quite a long time now, proving the fact that the projects under this model are successful and are actually helping the IT firms to manage their projects in a more defined manner.

Agile Project Management, being an iterative approach helps to deal with the various phases in a well- defined manner. In this approach a project can be completed in small sections which can be called as iterations. It’s not only a method but an approach which uses practices bringing about the below changes:

  • Users and developers to come very close to each other
  • Allows a face-to-face communication between people
  • Allows flexibility on various processes such as development, testing etc.

One key aspect of Agile is to maintain flexibility in the entire Lifecycle of the Project. Agile can also be brought together in various combinations which allows a proper and a smooth communication between the members in the project, which helps to keep a proper track of the project. The most common combination is with Scrum.

Scrum is a subset of Agile, It provides a lightweight process framework that embraces iterative and incremental practices, helping organizations deliver working software more frequently. Projects progress via a series of iterations called sprints; at the end of each sprint the team produces a potentially deliverable product increment.

The 12 Key Principles of Agile Project Management which helps in moving the project to the success path:

Highest Priority needs to be given to the Customers:

While considering a project, this becomes the most important factor. We need to keep working on this by providing early and continuous delivery.

Welcome – Changing requirements even in the late development phases of the cycle:

This principle is proven the most important and successful factor for considering Agile. This provides flexibility, this results in customer satisfaction and customer competitive advantages.

Delivering Working Software Frequently:

Being an iterative approach and breaking the projects into smaller time frames makes it easier to deliver. This keeps the customer aware about the steps taken by us.

Interlink between the business users and developer:

The business users or the product engineers and the developers are always in communication with each other to achieve success.

Build projects around Motivated Individual:

In agile project management, teams are self-reliant and self-directed. This requires individuals who can actually take the decisions at the right time.

Face to Face Communication:

Agile helps to keep the communication between the project managers and the developers through a face-to-face communication.

Working Software is the primary measure of Success:

In Agile, it is important that the software is in a working condition. It doesn’t matter how many bugs are fixed, the only thing that matters is a proper working software.

It provides a sustainable development:

The sponsors, developers and users should maintain the same pace and all the three of them should be on the same page when it comes to delivering the product.

Continuous attention to technical excellence:

Two of the most important factors that play their part in success is technical expertise and good design. When using agile project management methodology, you do not have to spend time in refining your code. It will get better automatically with every iteration so you do not have to worry about it.

Keep it Simple:

When it comes to managing projects through agile methodology, you should keep things simple and reduce the time required to go from comprehension to completion.

Self –organizing team:

As mentioned above, agile teams are self-directed. They find the way their own ways of dealing with the hurdles.

Keeping in mind to become more effective:

In today’s dynamic agile project environments, it is important that we keep on looking for flaws and improve. More importantly, adapting to a certain situation is crucial for success.


Enhanced Team Work, Communication, Collaboration and organizational team work together contribute to the project life cycle. Agile helps in keeping track of every aspect in the project. By adhering to the above principles it helps to deliver the project before deadline, improving productivity risk management and project cost control. By doing the basics right, you are increasing your chances to succeed at project management especially when using agile project management methodology.


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