How can I make RPA work for me?

How can I make RPA work for me?
Posted : October 15th, 2020

The key question today isn’t “can RPA work for me”? Instead, leaders need to be asking “How can I make it work for me”?

There are enough documented success stories and case studies out there, and the technology has advanced to the point that it’s possible to find value drivers for RPA in nearly every company.

The secret is in how to overcome the barriers of

  1. Lack of organization and governance
  2. Resistance to change
  3. And, the Inability to scale the approach

RPA can help any business process done using a computer, but the key challenge is finding the best value drivers, and then capturing them in a sustainable way.

Remember, anyone can build a BOT, but not everyone can drive sustainable value from RPA. In fact, we have observed that MOST people struggle to drive sustainable value from an RPA program. Successful RPA deployments view RPA as a talent platform. Once you shift into this mindset, you are starting to go down the path of “How can I make RPA work for me”!


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