Importance Of Application Support In Retail Domain

Importance Of Application Support In Retail Domain
Posted : May 10th, 2018

What is Application Support?

Application support, in a word can be defined as a SERVICE, which involves providing abetment to the users of IT services. Regular maintenance and IT support are required for every run-time service delivered to the users (customers). Subject matter experts (SME) analyze the raised query of a particular domain in an efficient manner. To analyze a query the application support team diagnoses the issue to find its root cause. They either resolve it or pass it to the relevant team. Application support team then consults, analyses and manages the developed software to fit the customer’s needs.

Below mentioned attributes are essential for a good application support team –

  • Staying up to date with software and technology trends
  • Capability of dealing with users having business as well as IT level of understanding
  • Being empathetic to the business users
  • Active listening and communication skills

How application support relates to retail domain?

Now-a-days retail is literally in technology’s pocket –

Today’s customers want ease, quickness and accuracy in each of their routine tasks, one of the important tasks among these is shopping. Now-a-days for shopping, customers are not limited only to visit malls or brick-and-mortar stores, as online shopping has become a popular trend. It is easy, quick and provides detailed experience about the product features, costing and many more just by peeping into a device. There is great competition between different digitalized retail stores and their service quality matters a lot for them to stand in the market. Application support plays a significant role in maintaining this quality. Retail business applications are directly accessed by the business users. Hence, it is critical to provide support to these applications. In case any road-block or issues are encountered by the customers, it will directly result in loss of the customer while impacting the brand image in a negative way. As a result, retailers now-a-days are turning to invest more in technology solution to achieve customer loyalty. Most of the business organizations are spending more than half of their annual budget on maintenance and support of their IT applications and websites rather than acquiring analog business.

Benefits of Application support in retail domain

Business evolution:

Retailers should try to understand that digital transformation in retail industry is a process of business evolution and to maintain that, application support is required.

Improved reliability:

Application support reduces the probability of failure and provide assurance of better performance of the application, which reduces the frequency of issues resulting in retaining the customer thus avoiding business losses.

Personalized monitoring:

If there is a dedicated team of application support, it’s possible to gather information of bugs, possible crash or quality concerns while the application is running. Support team resolves issues in time and can identify loopholes before users experience them.

Improved User Experience:

With correct application support & maintenance, we can provide consistent growth in quality and on-time service to our customers. Happier customers lead to better reviews, more referrals, and ultimately generate a higher ROI.


Application support is a process which ensures optimum efficiency and minimum downtime for the application to which support is provided. Retailer who aim at keeping competitive positions in the market, application support is an inevitable factor. Retail business is something which functions 24*7 and may require support at any point in time. Therefore dedicated support team is required, to sustain and have an edge in this competitive market.

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