Leveraging Cloud: Key trends for 2022 and beyond

Leveraging Cloud: Key trends for 2022 and beyond
Posted : April 14th, 2022

The cloud has become an essential part of unlocking organizational growth.

Everyone is understanding the true value of disruption, and technologies like AI and IoT are seeing increased consumer demand today. This means that the demand to leverage the cloud within organizations is also on the rise.

Public cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Alibaba Cloud have already made a mark for themselves in this rapidly changing technological landscape, and rightly so. They offer businesses a chance at better investment value, higher delivery speeds, increased agility, better storage options, and typically cost less.

We have compiled a list of trends that we believe will help you contextualize your existing cloud capabilities and identify areas that could lead to future growth.

Trend 1: Sustainable cloud

Sustainable cloud positions companies to deliver on new commitments: carbon reduction and responsible innovation.

Public cloud migrations can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 59 million tons per year. Which is the equivalent of having 22 million fewer cars on the road! This is a positive and important cloud trend that will gain momentum in years to come.

Trend 2: Cloud Security

Security is often seen as the biggest inhibitor to a cloud-first journey—but it can be its greatest accelerator.

The acquisition of cloud security access brokers (CASBs) is seen as a growing response to address these concerns. They implement a consistent system of governance by providing software that operates between cloud users and platforms to enforce centralized security measures.

Trend 3: Edge Computing

Edge computing is an alternative approach to computing and storing data in the cloud environment.

It is an emerging cloud trend that involves building localized data centers for computation and storage at or near where it’s being gathered, rather than on a central location that might be thousands of miles away.

Edge computing doesn’t just improve operational efficiency, but also enables better compliance with various data regulations by preventing data from leaving a certain area.

Trend 4:Multi-Cloud Architecture

Multi-cloud architecture is the explicit use of the same type of cloud services from multiple Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) CSPs.

The data to which frequent and quick access is needed is to be kept on public servers and more confidential data can be kept on private servers with monitored access.

We have seen significant adoption of hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud strategies across the business world and this year will witness more business leaders and organizations realize the opportunities of these models and leverage them to enjoy agility in the cloud.

Trend 5: Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is all about building, hosting, and operating mobile applications via Cloud Computing. It is at a nascent stage of innovation owing to the rising mobile users worldwide.

MCC combines the following to drive rich mobile computational resources to users across varied devices:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Wireless Network

The idea is to deliver rich UX. However, safety concerns especially regarding data loss are associated with MCC. Hence, enterprises must ensure necessary precautions to tackle these challenges.

Serverless computing for hassle-free service

At Systems Plus, we believe that with cloud computing, organizations get to have it all: scalability, agility, flexibility and efficiency besides saving on costs and time. Adopting the cloud is far more complex than simply using someone else’s datacenter. Cloud adoption requires organizations to fundamentally shift their model and behaviors to a consumption model rather than a Capex model.

Why choose us?

We have the proven skills, expertise and certification to help your organization successfully and strategically adopt the cloud. With experience in all layers of the platform: infrastructure, application, data, security, policy and pipeline, we navigate the people, processes and tools that script success for you.

As your strategic partner and a one-stop provider, we help your organization get cloud-fit by guiding you to discover the right cloud adoption strategy and ensure full-service cloud adoption. Giving you our best to help you make the most. And stay ahead of the competition!


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