The Managed GIC a Better Value Proposition

The Managed GIC a Better Value Proposition
Posted : October 15th, 2020

A virtual captive also know as a Managed GIC works better than traditional outsourcing because it is designed differently.

We believe that companies achieve peak performance by hiring and nurturing talented people. This is also true for IT, and it is especially true for offshore talent.

Over the years large, legacy outsourcing firms have introduced the idea that IT talent is less important than IT documentation and processes.
This has led to a proliferation of what we call “black box” outsourcing models where clients don’t know how the gets done because the “how” is hidden behind the process.

We believe that talented people do great things by creating great processes and we have designed our Virtual Captive outsourcing model to be a “people first” model so we can apply the best talent to generate the very best results for our clients.

Virtual Captive teams have more experienced resources that bring the very best talent to the client’s business processes. Furthermore, the model has lower turnover which offers better knowledge retention and intellectual property protection than legacy providers.

Finally, the mGIC model operates with a speed and agility that can adapt to a client’s changing business needs. The model also costs less, often 40% less than traditional legacy outsourcing. Our clients are operating their Virtual Captive teams at less than $20 per hour.

The combination of better outcomes at lower costs creates a compelling value proposition.


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