Women in Technology

Women in Technology
Posted : June 12th, 2023

Women in technology are becoming a more prominent force and reshaping the industry. Every element of the IT industry is seeing an increase in female participation, from coding to company leadership. Our world is becoming more and more dependent on technology, and businesses are beginning to understand that to succeed they need a diverse workforce. Women are acclaimed on a global scale because of their distinctive perspectives.

With our Women in Tech series, we want to shine a spotlight on some exemplary women from the Systems Plus family who’ve been leading the way in driving change.

Did you always know that working in technology was what you wanted to do? How did you decide to get into the technology sector?

I always wanted to rise as an independent woman no matter which sector I choose. My dream sector was Art – “Music” but as it is been said, “we never know what will unfold next”. When I failed to get admission to one of the best music schools, I had to choose Computers for my Master’s Degree and that changed my entire life. Initially, it started as a compulsion but eventually, it became my passion. And today I am so glad and proud that I had chosen the Tech industry which I am thoroughly enjoying and also nurturing my “music” alongside.

Do you notice a lack of women in technology? If so, why do you think that’s the case?

In past, definitely yes. Several affecting factors but to name a few, women were been under- represented in the tech sector, also they were underpaid and most of the time they were neglected for promotions, and most of the women had to go through gender bias situations. No wonder women had to leave the industry early than compared to male. But nowadays the situation is changing positively, though not completely.
Although the woman has a dual responsibility of managing the Home and Office she is a born manager and she can handle it better anytime. As a woman, we must encourage our female colleagues at each and every phase of their careers like marriage, motherhood, etc. She needs a stronger pillar system in her surrounding to make her feel confident and determined. No doubt women have to face multiple challenges and she is strong enough to rise back up but at the same time their family, their surrounding, and co-workers must stay alongside them firmly.

What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry?

Women excel at Soft skills and she carries competencies like a positive attitude, self-awareness, conflict management, a great Leader. Women are more creative and promote innovations that can take organizations to the next level.
When I consider my own example, I am experiencing a beautiful career graph where I been explored to onsite opportunities which increased my confidence to the next level. I am super proud to say that the team I work with has 98% of women and they are great individual personalities.

Currently, the tech industry is offering a great work-life balance. Flexibility to manage the career along with other responsibilities is a win-win situation for women. This must open a new door to all those aspiring ladies who want to excel at work life but same time want to be rooted in family core values too.

How can we get more women into technology?

Providing career learning options at early educational age so women can gain skills and interest at an early stage, exposure to STEM subjects, focus on women–centric mentoring and upskill training programs and change in organizational perspective to look at the Women’s caliber. The family must encourage girls to choose technology as their future path at an early stage. There are many talented girls from the villages or small towns who have big tech dreams but due to lack of opportunities, few of them have to choose other career options and others have to reject Citi work locations due to family pressure, The day when parents will feel their daughter is safe outside rather in a corporate world, we will be seeing great leaders rising up as shining stars. The corporate world must ensure that woman feels safe when she is at work.

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the tech industry? What do you wish you had known?

The Tech industry is changing positively in terms of women’s careers. A great place to work, a great work environment, great colleagues, and a great opportunity can definitely change women’s career graph. It can define her long-term goals and such an environment will help her to achieve them easily.
I wish I could have been introduced to cutting-edge technology at an early stage of my life, but it’s never too late. Women must keep the learning doors open as well as companies must encourage women to enhance their skills to stay up to date with the latest technology.
I would like to give a loud message to all my friends out there – Believe in yourself and spread your wings in the Tech industry. We can bring spectacular change with our positivity, hard work, and self-confidence.


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